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Prof C. G. Mahajan

Professor Atomic/ Molecular Spectroscopy... View Profile

Prof Charanjit S Aulakh

Professor Supersymmetric Grand Unified Theories, specificall... View Profile

Prof Arvind

Professor Theoretical physicist whose research interests spa... View Profile

Prof Sudeshna Sinha

Professor Prof. Sudeshna Sinha is a professor at the Indian ... View Profile

Prof Jasjeet Bagla

Professor Cosmology, Galaxy formation. Development of hig... View Profile

Dr Vishal Bhardwaj

Inspire Faculty Experimental particle physics, B physics, CP viola... View Profile

Dr Smriti Mahajan

Inspire Faculty Evolution of galaxy; Impact of environment on mult... View Profile

Dr Sanjib Dey

Inspire Faculty He is a theoretical physicist working in quantum o... View Profile

Dr Aru Beri

Inspire Faculty I am an X-ray Astronomer and my research interests... View Profile

Dr Kavita Dorai

Associate Professor I am an NMR spectroscopist whose research is poise... View Profile

Dr Kamal P Singh

Associate Professor Objective of research has been two-fold: (i) to de... View Profile

Dr Ramandeep S, Johal

Associate Professor My recent research has shown that intimate connect... View Profile

Dr Harvinder Kaur Jassal

Associate Professor Research interest : Cosmology wherein I study the... View Profile

Dr Rajeev Kapri

Associate Professor My research interests are in developing simple mod... View Profile

Dr Goutam Sheet

Associate Professor principal research interest is the investigation o... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Chaudhuri

Associate Professor use both analytical approaches (Equilibrium and No... View Profile

Dr Yogendran K.P

Assistant Professor Research interest is in Quantum aspects of Gravity... View Profile

Dr Ananth Venkatesan

Assistant Professor experimentalist working on mesoscopic systems like... View Profile

Dr Sanjeev Kumar

Assistant Professor My research focus is on theoretical and computatio... View Profile

Dr Yogesh Singh

Assistant Professor My research involves the discovery, synthesis, and... View Profile

Dr Mandip Singh

Assistant Professor Dr. Mandip Singh is doing research in experimental... View Profile

Dr Dipanjan Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Research interests include application of non-equi... View Profile

Dr Satyajit Jena

Assistant Professor I am an experimental physicist in high energy nucl... View Profile

Dr Sandeep Kumar Goyal

Assistant Professor I am a theoretical physicist working in the field ... View Profile

Dr Samir Kumar Biswas

Assistant Professor Medical Physics and Bioengineering is one of the l... View Profile

Dr Manabendra Nath Bera

Assistant Professor Quantum information and computation theory, quantu... View Profile