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Dr Sanjay Mandal

Professor Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) - Design, synthesi... View Profile

Dr Monika Sharma

Inspire Faculty Application of computational methods to study conf... View Profile

Dr Debrina Jana

Inspire Faculty Chemistry at nanoscale ... View Profile

Prof Sathyamurthy N.

Director Chemical dynamics, electronic structure of atomic ... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Ramachandran

Associate Professor Solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (SSNMR) is ... View Profile

Dr Sanjay Singh

Associate Professor Organometallic Chemistry of Main Group Elements an... View Profile

Dr S. Arulananda Babu

Associate Professor "Research Interests of C-H Activation and Metal-Me... View Profile

Dr Vinayak Sinha

Associate Professor Atmospheric OH Radical Chemistry Volatile Organic ... View Profile

Dr Sripada S.V, Rama Sastry

Associate Professor "Our research primarily centres on the following a... View Profile

Dr Vijay Anand R.

Associate Professor My research group is focusing on the following are... View Profile

Dr Santanu Kumar Pal

Associate Professor Supramolecular Chemistry, Soft and Active Matter a... View Profile

Dr Samrat Ghosh

Assistant Professor My research interest is in the area of solution sy... View Profile

Dr Angshuman Roy Choudhury

Assistant Professor Synthesis, characterization and structural analyse... View Profile

Dr Shamasundar K. R

Assistant Professor Proper treatment of electron-correlation effects i... View Profile

Dr Sugumar Venkataramani

Assistant Professor My broader research objectives are in utilizing th... View Profile

Dr Balanarayan P.

Assistant Professor Atoms and molecules in high frequency strong oscil... View Profile

Dr Sabyasachi Rakshit

Assistant Professor We are an interdisciplinary research group whose p... View Profile

Dr Arijit Kumar De

Assistant Professor Ultrafast multi-dimensional coherent spectroscopy;... View Profile

Dr Ujjal K Gautam

Assistant Professor Our Nanomaterials and Energy Group is an interdisc... View Profile

Dr Sanchita Sengupta

Assistant Professor Conversion of sunlight into useful forms of energy... View Profile

Dr Jino George

Assistant Professor Study strong interactions between molecular transi... View Profile

Dr Raj Kumar Roy

Assistant Professor Our research group is multi-disciplinary in nature... View Profile