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Dr Purnananda Guptsarma

Professor INTERESTS: My main interests lie in understanding ... View Profile

Prof Anand Kumar Bachhawat

Professor Our principal focus is on understanding how glutat... View Profile

Dr Somdatta Sinha

Professor Mathematical and Computational Biology... View Profile

Dr Samrat Mukhopadhyay

Associate Professor Proteins are the workhorses of the living systems.... View Profile

Dr Prasad N.G

Associate Professor We work in the broad area of Evolutionary Genetics... View Profile

Dr Lolitika Mandal

Associate Professor Stem cells are the source of virtually all highly ... View Profile

Dr Kausik Chattopadhyay

Associate Professor Pore-forming protein toxins (PFTs) represent a spe... View Profile

Dr Arunika Mukhopadhaya

Associate Professor Research focus is on characterization of porin pro... View Profile

Dr Sudip Mandal

Associate Professor Mitochondrial biology is a fast growing area in ge... View Profile

Dr Kavita Babu

Associate Professor Research in our lab is focussed on understanding t... View Profile

Dr Shravan Kumar Mishra

Associate Professor We study function and regulation of proteins relat... View Profile

Dr Mahak Sharma

Associate Professor My lab research is focused on the molecular mechan... View Profile

Dr Rachna Chaba

Associate Professor Integrating metabolism with other cellular process... View Profile

Dr Ram Kishor Yadav

Assistant Professor Identification and characterization of gene networ... View Profile

Dr Shashi Bhushan Pandit

Assistant Professor In the post-genomic era, there have been great adv... View Profile

Dr Kuljeet Singh Sandhu

Assistant Professor We are keen to address the fundamental questions p... View Profile

Dr Manjari Jain

Assistant Professor I am broadly interested in organismal biology but ... View Profile

Dr Sharvan Sehrawat Sehrawat

Assistant Professor Induction of an adaptive immune response and its m... View Profile

Dr Rhitoban Ray Choudhury

Assistant Professor I am an evolutionary geneticist by training but my... View Profile

Dr Indranil Banerjee

Assistant Professor Aim to advance understanding of the infection mech... View Profile